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Specialized Clinics

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SFVS Training offers personalized clinics to groups of one or any number of players. These clinics are open to any and all players of any ability. Many young and/or highly experienced players will benefit from this highly personal clinic approach and make incredible strides in their development and improvement in the game. Goalkeeping Clinics. SFVS Training offers specialized sessions for goalkeepers. This can be completed on an individual or group level and is open to players of all ages and abilities Functional Clinics / Position Specific Training. SFVS Training offers functional clinics to any and all players based upon their particular function within the game (i.e., defending, midfield or attacking). This type of clinic often provides the spark that allows a player to really progress as part of their team, possibly for the first time. They will see how best to use their skills within a game format SFVS Training offers provide training for any isolated or specific skill (i.e., set pieces or phases of the game Coach Education. SFVS Training will customize coaching clinics to further your development or that of your coaches. Clinics are available on all aspects of the game including clinics such as understanding formations or, utilizing styles of play dependent on game situations. Match Analysis We will watch your teams play, provide you with a written analysis of the game and then provide you with feedback on what key areas your team needs. Match Analysis clinics cost is? per hour.


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