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Player Code of Conduct

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The 2017-2018 Scorpions Soccer Club Player/Parent Handbook can be found online at Under Resources. The handbook contains information regarding SSC policies and procedures. All players and their families are expected to abide by and support the policies and procedures included therein. If you have any additional questions, using the communication channels identified in the handbook, please contact your team coach or team manager.


All players are expected to meet a high standard of commitment. Players are expected to attend all practices and participate in all league games and tournaments.

Although we strive to provide quality playing time for all players, there are NO guarantees of playing time for all Players. Coaches will make every effort to play each player as fit for our success of the game, except when players are injured, ill, ineligible because of an overdue fee balance, or for disciplinary reasons. All players should expect to play in several tournaments on holiday weekends, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and/or others.

Season and Game FEES:

Season fees include all practice fees, spring league fees and league tournament fees (i.e., qualifying tournaments, Spring Cups, etc.). Additional cost may be announced which may include non-league pre/post tournament fees (determined by SSC Coaching Staff), and all player travel expenses and out-of-Los Angeles (non-league) team travel costs for coaches. Fees remain the same regardless of the number of days in the season. Fees will not be refunded or forgiven due to player absences, withdrawals, or early release from a team. The only exception to this policy is if the player provides the team manager/coach with documented proof of an injury that prevents them from playing for a full season.



Monthly payments are made directly to the Club via credit/debit card, cash, money order, or personal check. Monthly automatic payments may be set up for MasterCard/Visa/Discover. Please inform our treasure Diana Kuchmar-Gbadamosi.  Automatic payments will run on the First week of each month. Personal checks, money orders or automatic bill pay should be made payable to the Scorpions Soccer Club and mailed to: 11601 Collett ave, Granada Hills, CA, 91344. Please include players name in memo line. If setting up automatic-bill-pay through your recurring payments. A $35 fee will be charged for any non-sufficient funds check or declined credit/debit card. Overpayments will be credited. If a player does not return, a refund will be processed.

Failure to pay your monthly fees within thirty (30) days of fee payment due date can invoke the “NO PAY-NO PLAY” Club Disciplinary Policy. Players will not be eligible to participate in team practices, games, and tournaments until payment issues are resolved.


Mandatory Uniform Package:  We recommend players to pursue $300 Player Sponsorship which can cover Playing and training gears.

** Minimum Uniform Kit includes two Admiral home and away game jerseys, two pairs of Admiral game shorts, two pairs of game White and Black socks; one Admiral Practice jersey, one pair of practice shorts and one pair of practice socks.

To order your uniform: Follow the link to your player’s individual uniform order form.

Uniform numbers (#) will be assigned by the club due to new club pass rules and duel rostering across associations. This change has been implemented to minimize unnecessary and costly number changes and/or jersey purchases throughout this uniform cycle.


If you have questions or would prefer to place your uniform order over the phone, please call Team manager 818 357 6132 or

As a soccer player with the Our Club, you have made a commitment to yourself, your teammates, your coaches, this club, the community and soccer.  You have a responsibility to represent this club in a positive fashion at all times.

1.      Maximum effort, attention, and commitment is required in all practices and games.

2.      Respect for teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials is required.

3.      Fair play, sportsmanship, and a respect for the spirit of the game is required.

4.      Commitment to your own improvement is required, both at practice and outside of practice.

5.      Regular attendance at practices and games is required. Communicate directly to the coach when you will be late or absent as early as you can.

6.      Appropriate attire is required at all team and club functions:

a.      Practice- shinguards, cleats, no jewelry, Our Club practice wear, no revealing clothing.

b.      Games- all uniforms, shin guards, cleats, no jewelry, no revealing clothing.

c.      Other functions- no revealing clothing, nothing referencing alcohol, drugs, sex, or violence. Nothing otherwise inappropriate.

7.      Positive relationships must be maintained with all team members.



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